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Generate Csv rows and headers with the first column empty (parent rows and child rows)

Oct 20, 2011 at 7:56 AM

Hello there.

I need to write as a CSV file the following structure of rows:

Column1, Column2, Column3 (parent heeder)

aaa, bbb, ccc (parent row)

....... ChildColumnA, ChildColumnB (child header)

....... AAA, BBB (child row)

....... CCC, DDD (child row)

eee, fff, ggg (parent row)

....... EEE, FFF

....... GGG, HHH


and so on. All the child headers should stand out by skipping the first column, leaving it empty (like in indentation). Wherever I put ....... there should be a column left empty. Can I do this with your tool?

If not, do you know of a way to escape the comma? cause I;ve been trying to write the file by hand, and I put double quotes around messages that contain commas, but whatever I tried it did no good, the comma is seen as a separator and causes the rest of the message (or until the next comma) to be written on the next column.

Thank you.